There is a new dispensary opening up called The Evergreen Market in Renton. To schedule a pick up from the airport to dispensary please contact our limo affiliates at (206) 659-2191.

There is a lot changing in the Weed World. Larry Duke was serving a life sentence for pot and was released after 26 years (03/05/15). Also in Congress a shifted ground on medical marijuana. The Obama administration directed federal prosecutors last year to stop enforcing drug laws that contradict state marijuana policies. Since then federal raids of marijuana merchants and growers who are operating legally in the state have stopped.

“The federal government should never get in between the patients and their medicine,” said representative Barbara Lee.

In Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, backed a bill to legalize Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015.

Women Grow cultivating cannabis entrepreneurs signature networking event was a hit on March 5, 2015. Check out up coming events.

Studies how that smoking marijuana is 114 times safer than drinking alcohol.

MJBA job fair on Sunday March 8, 2015 was a great day of networking with guest speakers. Featuring  David Rheins, Farmer Tom Lauerman, Tiffany McVeety, Tina Cox, Vivian McPeak, Jon Hofer and a list of others.

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