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Seattle Weed Basics

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Seattle Weed Made Legal

Seattle Weed

In 2012 Seattle Weed was legalized by initiative 502, which allowed for personal possession and smoking. Although the infrastructure was not yet in place to grow, distribute and tax the herb, law enforcement simply backed off. But now it is fully legal to retail Seattle weed, and the first retails stores have opened.

Cannibus shops may only sell licensed marijuana, which has been inspected by the state liquor board. In addition they may not sell anything else, and are not allowed to provide samples on the premises. So if you’re looking to smoke right now, the Weed Bus Club is your ticket to Seattle Weed. We save you the effort of researching the shops by driving you straight there, and then you can smoke right on the bus!

In order to smoke Seattle weed, you must be twenty one years of age. You may possess up to one ounce for personal use, you may possess marijuana paraphernalia, sixteen ounces of marijuana infused solids, and seventy two ounces of marijuana infused liquid.

Some things remain illegal, such as posession if under twenty one, transportation of marijuana out of state, driving under the influence and growing without a license.

Although Marijuana possession and use is still a federal crime, the federal government has decided not to have a standoff with Washington state about Seattle Weed. Get yours now, with The Weed Bus Club!

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